JD Weather

The JD Weather API is a REST Server which allows you to fetch weather data from multiple different weather data services using the same standardized format.

  • Merge weather data from multiple sources together into one output.
  • Write your code once, and switch services without re-writing any code.
  • Register all your services in one place, and access through one gateway.
  • Open-source library allows you to customize and add your own services.

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Getting Started

The first step of using the JD Weather API is to Register for an account. You will be issued a new auto-generated API Key which you will further use to authenticate your account for all requests to the JD Weather System.

Finally, you will register all of your service-specific keys on your account, so that when you send a request, you only need to provide your key for the JD Weather API, and not specific services.

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Combine Weather Data

With the JD Weather API, you can fetch weather data from multiple services at once, and merge the results together in a single output. The data can be either averaged together, minimums, or maximums.

Take a look at all the weather services supported by the JD Weather API by clicking here:

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Open-Source on GitHub

The base of the JD Weather API is open-source, and available on GitHub. This is also the main repository for contributions, including new services, bug fixes, and project management. This repository does not however include the website or database.

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